The new integration streamlines digital infrastructure procurement by delivering immediate DIA quotes with the simplicity of a click

Inflect, Inc., the world’s leading marketplace for buyers and sellers of digital infrastructure, today announced the availability of instant pricing for Lumen Technologies’ Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) in the Inflect portal. Lumen’s integration into the Inflect portal means that customers turning to Inflect’s global digital infrastructure marketplace to source DIA can receive immediate price quotes from Lumen instead of submitting a request for pricing that would trigger a manual process that might take days or even weeks to complete. Instant pricing for Lumen DIA  through the Inflect portal is now accessible in more than 145,000 on-net locations. 

“The inclusion of Lumen DIA in significantly reduces our customers’ time and effort directed at researching and sourcing DIA,” says Mike Nguyen, CEO of Inflect. “This first of its kind integration with Lumen furthers Inflect’s mission of driving frictionless transactions in the digital infrastructure industry.” 

Finding and purchasing the right digital infrastructure has historically been a tedious, time-consuming and manual process. Inflect is aiming to change this dynamic. With each new integration, Inflect is expanding the array of infrastructure and services instantly available to the infrastructure buyers and service providers that comprise the Inflect customer base. 

By connecting infrastructure buyers with sellers and introducing automation into the experience, Inflect is bringing transparency to an opaque digital infrastructure world. Just as other industries have been redefined by digital transformation, Inflect is leading a global transformation of digital infrastructure sourcing, procurement and management. Infrastructure buyers and service providers will now experience a swift and frictionless experience for sourcing Lumen DIA through the Inflect portal. 

“Partnering with Inflect to make instant pricing of Lumen DIA directly available to infrastructure buyers and service providers demonstrates our ongoing commitment to improving our customers’ experience,” says Sarah Seegars, National Vice President - Indirect Partner Channel, Lumen Technologies. “Instant price quotes will help them get their operations running faster which means they’ll be able to achieve their business goals sooner. We want to make that as easy for them as possible.” 

Inflect’s global digital infrastructure marketplace continues to grow as more service providers are seeing the benefits of shortening the sales cycle and streamlining the research and procurement processes for infrastructure buyers and service providers. To learn more about amplifying your customer acquisition efforts by partnering with Inflect, please visit the Inflect Partner page.

About Inflect 

Inflect simplifies the buying and selling of digital infrastructure with an easy-to-use online marketplace, intuitive research tools, and a deeply experienced advisory service to help our customers and partners connect, design and source the digital infrastructure they need—for every use case and every location around the world. Inflect is the first company to bring digital infrastructure buyers and sellers of connectivity and hosting together for expedited deal flow—sourcing, tailoring and managing the optimal mix of hosting and connectivity solutions, fit for purpose for every organization.

The Inflect Digital Infrastructure Marketplace (DIM) offers infrastructure buyers and service providers a single destination for hosting and connectivity research and price comparisons on their own terms. Inflect’s Advisory Service comprises highly qualified, former infrastructure buyers who understand the challenges of designing and procuring complex architecture and operate as an extension of the customer’s procurement team. 

Inflect emerged from Silent Partner, a San Francisco consultancy founded in 2002 and operated as a top revenue channel partner for Telx and others. The Silent Partner leadership team migrated to and is today 100% focused on Inflect.