Up until now, it has been painfully difficult to build on top of the physical network.

Though the Internet Protocol layer can run across millions of interconnection networks, the physical networks below are much more fragmented. The network providers each own one segment of the infrastructure, the data center providers and internet exchanges own the interconnection points, and the cloud companies have both network and data center. Building your digital business means glueing together all these fragmented pieces of physical infrastructure and connectivity into one, robust architecture.

To research and price network, you’ll have to spend days sifting through spreadsheets, fiber optic "KMZ" network maps, setting up numerous sales calls, and comparing PDF documents. Worse, it’s even harder to find and piece together infrastructure because there isn’t a Rosetta Stone-type identifier for talking about the same infrastructure across providers. For all these reasons, to date, there hasn’t been one place to research and buy global network infrastructure.

Which is why it’s time to announce a tool to do just that.

Inflect Routefinder indexes global network infrastructure in one place, making it as easy to research and price connectivity as it is to book a flight online.

The best part? It’s available now, for free.


Tool Overview