At Inflect, we believe businesses should be able to quickly find and purchase digital infrastructure to build the next great app, empower their employees or delight their customers— without the headaches usually associated with finding such solutions.

But the digital infrastructure market is crowded and disjointed. Thousands of data centers and network and exchange providers are spread across the globe. Comparing different infrastructure solutions (cost, available connection points, connection latencies, etc.) typically requires a lot of manual research — which usually means multiple emails, phone calls, etc. What you should be able to do in a few clicks, maybe a quick chat, takes weeks if not months involving sales teams from multiple providers. Nightmare.

And that’s a problem. Businesses should spend their time doing what they are good at — not hunting for cloud, colocation and network solutions.

So we’re building a better way to research, buy, and sell digital infrastructure. And we’re looking for talented people to join us.

Our culture

Before we sit down to get to know each other, let us tell you a few things about our company. If any of what we say here makes you uncomfortable, Inflect might not be the place for you. But if any of this resonates, we’d love to talk more.

Inflect is bold and ambitious. We set big, audacious goals, and move toward them quickly and assertively. We were founded in 2016 with the goal of transforming our industry by tearing down the 100+ year old way it does business. In a world where you can book a flight on the internet, buy a used car on the internet or even by a house on the internet, we think you should be able to buy the internet on the internet. Our leadership team has years of experience in the space, and we are quickly scaling our team to bring our ideas to life.

Inflect pursues excellence in everything we do. We take pride in our craft and strive to always improve our skills so that we can better serve our users, their businesses, and our team. Diversity of ideas, thoughts, and backgrounds is woven into the fabric of our culture. Differences of perspective ultimately lead to better, more well-thought-out solutions.

And speaking of diversity, when you take a bunch of people with different ideas and put them on a team, disagreements sometimes come up. But avoiding disagreements isn’t what makes Inflect great. It’s what we do with them that sets us apart.

Inflect is a positive, constructive place to work. We believe that everyone’s voice should be heard. We think that both praise and critique can be constructive if interactions are positive and respectful. So we strive to support and lift each other up in everything we do. Our team always moves as one. Once a decision has been made by appropriate stakeholders, we all pull in the same direction.

What we offer

In addition to our strong, unique culture, we provide competitive perks, compensation and benefits.

  • Health, dental, and vision coverage
  • PTO at your discretion
  • Generous maternity and paternity leave
  • Flexible work arrangements
  • Professional development

We’re always interested in getting to know interesting, skilled people, head over to our Careers page to see our open roles or introduce yourself.

-Mike Nguyen (CEO)