Inflect, Inc., the world’s leading marketplace for buyers and sellers of digital infrastructure, today announced the launch of advanced quoting capabilities in its portal and a new Partner Program, making it easier than ever for buyers and sellers of digital infrastructure to connect and transact.

Inflect’s new Quote Tool offers industry-first near real-time communication and procurement of digital infrastructure services from the world’s largest data center and network service providers. Customers benefit from being able to interact, get pricing, quote and complete transactions with both Inflect experts and service providers. The new Quote Tool fosters better collaboration and shortens time to procurement for teams responsible for selling and purchasing services.

“Inflect has always sought to provide our users with the best possible experience,” says Mike Nguyen, CEO of Inflect. “Building on Inflect’s comprehensive portfolio of network, peering, cloud, and data center providers, our new Quote Tool makes it even easier for businesses to search for and procure the right digital infrastructure to solve their business needs.”

Alongside new advanced quoting capabilities, Inflect is also launching its new Partner Program, which aims to build partnerships that benefit both infrastructure buyers and sellers. The program will put participating digital infrastructure service providers directly in contact with more customers through Inflect’s portal and advisory, accelerating transactions and helping partners achieve better, measurable results.

“Finding and purchasing the right digital infrastructure historically hasn’t been an easy process for customers,” says Nguyen, “but we’re working to make infrastructure procurement easier, faster and more intuitive. The service providers who share this vision will be best positioned to benefit from our Partner Program.”

About Inflect

Inflect simplifies buying and selling of digital infrastructure with an easy-to-use online marketplace, intuitive research tools, and programs to help our customers and partners connect. We believe businesses should be able to easily find and buy the digital infrastructure they need — for every use case and every location in the world. Because healthy businesses need access to the right digital infrastructure — whether they’re building the next great app, continuing to delight customers, or transforming entire industries.

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